Exxon mobil Oil and Grease Industrial WWTP 120 CMD

Project NameExxon mobil Oil and Grease Industrial WWTP 120 CDM
Client NameExxon mobil
LocationAlexandria, Egypt

Technical brief; The present of capacity 120 CMD plant is designed to treat the industrial wastewater which ‚Äécontains petroleum oil and grease. However, The project’s aim is to conduct a treatability study for the industrial effluent produced from MEX LUBE OIL BLENDING PLANT (Exxon Mobil)

The pilot treatment system is as follows:

  • Equalizing tank
  • CIP for oil and grease separation
  • Batch Fenton process

Date: 2011-2012

Scope of Services:

  • Research work
  • Treatability study

Types of Activities:

  • Process