Laâyoune Desalination Plant 2*13,000 CMD

Project NameLaâyoune Desalination Plant 2*13,000 CMD
Client NameMetito
LocationLaâyoune, Morocco

     Laâyoune Desalination Plant (En Français: Station De Dessalement Laâyoune ) is located in Laâyoune province, morocco. The project’s aim is to prepare and develop the detailed design as well as tender documents for the HVAC system of the Desalination Plant with capacity of 2*13,000 CMD.

• Technical Brief: the project consists of RO Desalination plant with a capacity of 3*13,000 CMD.

• Date: 2021

• Scope of services:

  • Detailed Design
  • Tender Documents

• Types of Activities:

  • HVAC