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Khybar sewege treatment plant

Project NameKhybar sewege treatment plant
Client NameFuture Horizons Investment Group
LocationAl Madenah, KSA


 The project aims to design the wastewater treatment plant of Khyber city, a town located in Al Madenah Province in KSA, with capacity of 6,000 m3/ day.

• Technical brief; Khayber  treatment systems are as follows:

  • The biological treatment is based on activated sludge system.
  • Rapid sand filter is used for tertiary treatment.
  • Chlorine gas is used for treated sewage effluent disinfection.
  • Gravity thickener and centrifugal systems are used for sludge treatment.

• Date: 2011-2012

• Scope of services:

  • Preliminary design

• Types of Activities

  • Process
  • Hydraulics