Solid Waste Management of Al-Urubah Park (KSA)

Project NameSolid Waste Management of Al-Urubah Park (KSA)
Client NameDELFT & Royal Commission for Riyadh City & Tawzea Company
LocationRiyahd, KSA

     The project’s aim is to prepare and develop the conceptual design for the Al-Urubah Park infrastructure systems. The proposed solid waste design and management philosophy is to achieve “Zero Waste” aiming to reduce waste production, and the reuse of materials while encouraging environment friendly practices.

Technical Brief: The Park with an area of 700,000 m2 is designed to manage its solid wastes in a more green and sustainable process. The management process has 4 stages:

  1. Green waste transport
  2. shredding process
  3. Rotting process of the Green waste (compositing)
  4. stationary screening (Post treatment)

So the post treatment compost is then reused in a sustainable green cycle.

Date: Sept. 2019

Types of Activities:

  • Process Design